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For Your Orthotics and Prosthetics Needs

Certified Limb & Brace offers consultation and delivery care to patients in our Shreveport office, as well as our clinics in Coushatta, Mansfield, Minden, Natchitoches and Ruston, at the physician's office and in Skilled nursing facilities or hospital. Our services include customized, on-site fabrication, fitting and alignment of prosthetic and orthotic devices, some of which are listed below. At Certified Limb & Brace, we design and customize devices to meet individual patient requirements.

Certified Limb & Brace offers the following:

  • Immobilization or support of the spine and back - Helmets -Cervical Collars -Minerva cervical jackets -Halo -Corsets, custom-made and prefabricated -thoracic, lumbar and sacral support -Milwaukee, Boston and Charleston braces
  • Lower extremity bracing - Thermoplastic and metal leg braces -Ankle, Ankle-foot, Knee-ankle-foot, and hip orthosis -Fracture orthosis - Foot orthosis - Therapeutic shoes and footwear modifications -Compression hose, custom and prefabricated
  • Upper extremity supports - Shoulder immobilizers - Elbow and wrist-hand-finger orthotic systems - Hand and finger splints - Fracture orthotses, Lower Extremity prostheses
  • Exo- and endo-skeletal prosthesis for partial foot, ankle, below knee, and above knee amputations - Knee and hip disarticulation - Hemipelvectomy
  • Immediate/early post-surgical fittings and preparatory prosthesis
  • Complete foot and knee systems computerized and conventional, including lightweight, energy-storing, multiaxial and hydraulic componentry.
  • Complete range of socket designs and upper extremity prosthesis
  • Body powered, myoelectric to include the iLIMB hand and cosmetic prostheses for Partial hand, below elbow, and above elbow - wrist, elbow, shoulder disarticulation as well as partial shoulder
  • Immediate/early post-operative and preparatory prostheses.

Patient Spotlight

Chris CoyCertified is Proud to be the one Chris Coy counts on!

Chris has been a patient of Certified Limb for nearly a decade. He always has a can do attitude and is able to achieve just about any physical goal he sets for himself.

Soon after Chris' birth, his parents thought he might never be able to do even the simple things that kids do. At 6 weeks of age, Chris was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his stomach, which required three years of chemotherapy. At age 3, he developed a vascular infection that spread down his leg. By age 4, his left foot and ankle were amputated and he received his first prosthetic leg.

Chris worked hard and adapted to the prosethetic leg, he stayed active and developed a passion for racquetball. He began playing at the age of 7, and went on to compete in the World Juniors, Junior Olympics, and many other events. In 2000, Chris was awarded the prestigious “Young Sportsman of the Year” Award from Sports Illustrated. He is a 5-time Jr. National Champion and continues to complete in USA Racquetball tournaments.