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Our Reviews

I received a knee brace from Certified Limb and Brace after an ACL tibial avulsion fracture. (tore the bone away with the ligament.) The joint was too unstable to walk on, let alone perform daily tasks that might include walking on uneven terrain, stairs or any activity involving the slightwst possibility of jarring or tweaking the joint. Since I was placed on a year long waiting list to even see an orthopedist, my life was pretty much in limbo. The wonderful people at Certified Limb and Brace measured and fitted me, fought with the insurance red tspe and at long last my brace arrived!

What a wonderful bit of technology! This appliance has changed my world. The fit was perfect, and I have my life back. I can walk up AND down stairs like the injury never happened. It is relatively comfortable, and I can even dance in it! In my opinion there is no other place to get a prosthetic or orthopedic brace. What a WONDERFUL business. Bless them all!

Patricia P.


The best people u could ever meet and know there stuff

Robert H.


There are some great loving and dedicated workers at CL&B!

Patti R.


they welcome you with open arms. treat u like family

Celeste O.


Have been going here for many years, they have made all of my AFOs and would not go anywhere else.

Karen C.