Prosthetics Services

Get fitted for a custom prosthetic device in Shreveport, LA

Your options aren't limited to mechanical prosthetic aids. At Certified Limb & Brace, you can get a prosthetic device customized to your needs. Our certified technicians fabricate and modify prosthetic devices in-house at our world-class facility in Shreveport, LA.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can customize mechanical or computerized foot and knee systems with...

Multi-axial rotation
Hydraulic components
Energy-storing features
A variety of socket designs

We can also create myoelectric prosthetic aids, such as i-limb hands. Contact us today to learn more about our prosthetic services.

Prosthetic aids for every need

Prosthetic aids for every need

We provide prosthetic services for patients in the Shreveport, LA area who've undergone...

Partial hand, below-elbow and above-elbow disarticulations
Partial foot, ankle, below-knee and above-knee amputations
Knee and hip disarticulations

We can fit patients for prosthetic devices right after surgery. You'll appreciate our commitment to quality and transparency.

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Prosthetic Devices